About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is from Starkville Mississippi where she is raising three children with her husband Justin. She is the host of the podcast, Honey Hush, as well as the author of the book, "Learning Differently, a Mother's View of Raising Children with ADHD and Dyslexia".

As a Certified Enneagram Coach, Elizabeth who is an 8w7 herself, looks forward to guiding you through breaking out of the box you may have been stuck in for far too long. The Enneagram unlocks your personal growth at an exponential rate.

Email Elizabeth: elizabeth@EBCconsultingllc.com

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About the Book "Learning Differently"

Too many parents wait too long to advocate for their children who learn differently because they feel incompetent or ignorant. When in reality, children just need their parents to do the next right thing and walk it out one decision at a time. That can be scarey though when you feel alone and like everyone else’s child is “normal”. Learning Differently - A Mom's View of Raising Children with Dyslexia and ADHD, is meant to create a community of parents that will be brave enough to say, “My kid is different and it is my job to fight for them until he/she is old enough to fight for themselves.” We as parents hold the keys to whether of not these “differences” create victims or victors. Let’s create champions together!

About Honey, Hush

Honey, Hush is a podcast by a southern business woman who knows a thing or two about using honey to attract the bees. Every episode, Elizabeth will discuss with up-and-coming and established leaders alike how to win influence with one simple strategy: kindness You can listen to Honey, Hush on all major platforms including iTunes, GooglePlay and Stitcher

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About the Enneagram

Elizabeth became a Certified Coach through "Your Enneagram Coach" to guide people as they discover their type/number, accelerate their growth and help move them forward with integrity and knowledge all through the lens of the Gospel.

Ennea - means nine

Gram - means drawing

The Enneagram is the most exposing and revealing personality typology you may ever experience because it not only explains why you do what you do on the outside, but it also tells you why think, feel and behave from the inside. The best part is that the Enneagram notifies us of when we are on a healthy path versus when we are veering off course.

Together, we will discover your Core Motivations of Fear, Desire, Weakness and Longing that all lead to directional signals to take you to where you want to go in life.

You are unique and no one else on Earth is exactly like you with the potential that you have in life. This world needs ALL that you have to offer. When you understand the inclinations of your heart, you are free to grow in that transformation.

Who Can Be Coached?

Elizabeth is available to coach individuals as well as groups. It is as simple as meeting in-person, over a Zoom call or in a group setting. Self awareness is everything when it comes to responding to life instead of just reacting. Knowing your Type frees you up to be your true self - the way God intended you to be in Christ.

Those that benefit from Enneagram coaching typically are:

  • who want to tap into strengths

  • who want to communicate clearly

  • who want to increase emotional intelligence

  • who want authentic leadership skills

  • who want true motivation and understanding

  • who may feel stuck and want to grow

The benefits of group coaching are:

  • conflict resolution skills

  • team coherence

  • strategic planning

  • culture change/growth

  • leadership development

Get Started

Making an appointment with Elizabeth for Enneagram Coaching is as simple as choosing a time that fits your schedule.

You first individual session is FREE. In this initial consultation, we will determine if Enneagram coaching is right for you in accelerating your personal and relational growth and transformation.

Once we both determine that this is the right course of action for you, I will then send you a FREE Typing Assessment and you will schedule an official Typing Interview with me.

After the Typing Assessment, you will be given options for your next steps towards the Discover, Explore, and Become growth model.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 9:00am - 2:00pm

IN-PERSON within Starkville, West Point & Columbus

ONLINE via Zoom

SCHEDULE NOW by emailing Elizabeth at elizabeth@ebcconsultingllc.com with your preferred day and time.


These prices include materials, folders, and journals.


1-hour | $75

-"Exploring You", 5-session package | $300


1.5-hour | $200

-"Exploring You", 5-session package | $500


4 hours | $1,000

Businesses, Teams & Organizations

Half Day | $1,000

Full Day | $2,000

*additional costs may be added depending on materials needed

Conferences, Workshops & Retreats

Half Day | $1,000

Full Day | $2,000

*additional costs may be added depending on materials needed

Online Workshops

1-hour | $30/person